Our Software

Nonprofit-CRM is a is fast, light, and user-friendly constituent relationship management system built on PHP, PostgreSQL and Gnu/Linux.  Click here for more information.  This project has been in active development since 2009.

PunTracker is a bitorrent indexer for FluxBB.

PunRSS is an RSS reader for FluxBB.

LinksPlus is a way to organize links for FluxBB.

FluxTrip is a “tripwire” like script that takes a recrusive periodic hash of admin specifiable directories with the main purpose of verifying that your FluxBB core files have not been modified.

*These modules where originally written for a forum software called PunBB.  That was sold and many in the community left to form FluxBB.  The modules are now tested only with FluxBB.  Some of these modules have been under active development since 2007!  Please note they are being updated and will be released here by mid 2015.  Thanks.