PunRSS 1.2 – A simple RSS reader for FluxBB

Here’s a new version of an RSS modification for FluxBB I’m using on one of my sites.  It allows the site admin to add RSS feeds from other websites.  Based on SimplePie so it’s pretty flexible.  Note that I did compile their code into a single file (the way it used to be when the project started) and I removed a couple of functions that were causing errors.  Most functionality remains. Hope it’s useful to others. Download PunRSS version 1.2 here https://fluxbb.org/resources/mods/punrss/releases/1.2/

Old code is new fun

It lives!

I’ve started updating a couple of fluxbb modules.  It’s fun to look at code you wrote 7+ years ago.  Should have a release in the not too distant future.  I think the kids will like the bittorrent module.

I’m also playing with the idea of moving my Nonprofit-CRM from a standalone application to a fluxbb module.  Laravel is looking interesting.  Free time and motivation permitting.

Feel free to contact me if interested in hacking on similar code.